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Herbal Teas

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Herbal Teas
Herbal Teas
Rose Petal Blend - This herbal tea blend is both relaxing and stimulating. This blend helps to calm the nervous and digestive system, it can help to relieve symptoms of stress, pain and headaches, and much more.


Gentle Cleanse - Seasonal changes are challenging to our body, which is why we are most likely to get sick, experience allergies, or feel tired. Flushing our toxins can boost our immune system and help us fight the nasty germs that we may come in contact while being cooped up indoors.

This cleansing remedy will stimulate and support the detoxification of the liver, bowels, kidneys, lymphatic, intestinal system. It is deep blood purifier, and helps to remove lead accumulation in the body. It will help to bring out infections and stimulate bile production and stimulate healing. It will alleviate skin disorders, inflammation, and chronic joint pain.


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